Pests that can ruin your vacation

Summer is coming, the time of year we’ve all been waiting for so we can go sunbathing, to the beach, to the countryside or just stay at home and enjoy a good night’s sleep. But with the summer, there are also those unwanted animals that can ruin our plans. There are numerous pests that can ruin summer vacations. Many are the plagues that can annoy us the summer holidays, attracted by the heat and humidity of this time of the year, causing discomfort in the whole population. Some of these summer pests include tiger mosquitoes and other invasive species, which we will discuss inĀ Pest Control Singapore today and give some tips for preventing the proliferation of these animals.


1 Summer Pests
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Summer Pests

This year in Spain we can expect to see a few species of insects that can be quite annoying and, worse still, compromise the health of all inhabitants. As well as the seasonal workers who come to visit to spend their holidays, causing illness and risking public health in places like restaurants, parks, and beaches. These are the most common pests we will encounter during our holidays:

Tiger Mosquito: This species is included among the 100 most harmful invasive species in the world. It spreads rapidly throughout the world and represents a great danger because, apart from having a very painful and itchy bite, it transmits diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya or the rare West Nile virus.

Cockroaches: Due to the summer rains and rising temperatures and humidity typical of this season, these insects leave their nests to sneak into homes, hotels, and restaurants in search of a dry place with a pleasant temperature where water and food are at hand. Particular care must be taken with this species, as it is a symbol of lack of hygiene and contaminates all the food it touches, causing diseases such as salmonellosis and dysentery, as well as reproducing quickly and even laying 400 eggs in a single reproductive cycle.

Blackfly: This species is particularly dangerous because when biting its victim, it injects an anesthetic and an anticoagulant that prevents the bite from being noticed during the first hours. Your bite can cause pain, bleeding, swelling of the area and, if sensitive, a severe allergic reaction. The black fly can also cause onchocerciasis, a chronic parasitic disease that begins when the insect inoculates the nematode worm with its bite, causing severe skin lesions and even blindness.

How to combat summer pests:

Having good hygiene in our spaces is vital to keep these pests under control: avoiding having food in exposed places and storing it in containers with airtight lids is a good option to prevent contamination of the same, as well as it is extremely important to preserve the common areas as clean as possible, since dirt attracts many insects and other animals.

Another quite effective measure to prevent further reproduction of the pests is to eliminate any stagnation or source of water that may be used as a breeding nest or as a source of liquids for their survival, as this is a determining factor in the continuation of species such as the black fly or the tiger mosquito. Of course, the use of insect repellent creams and mosquito nets is highly recommended to prevent bites or insects from slipping into spaces that are used for resting such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Finally, if you have applied several preventive measures but the pests remain in your home, restaurant or hotel, it is best to call a specialized pest control service that is capable of locating the source of the problem and eradicating it at its root, to avoid serious health problems and future economic losses.

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