Tips For A Successful Startup

The path to independence is a challenge for entrepreneurs of all generations. Even those who have a clever business idea and would like to establish it locally or on the Internet will encounter minor and major problems in every phase of setting up a business.

So that these do not nip success in the bud and prevent a new way to professional development, advices of other founders with a successful conversion of their ideas are worth gold. The following Tipps represent a valuable basis, which it applies to a Startup to consider and like the way to the vocational success somewhat more simply succeeds.

From the idea to the entrepreneurial spirit

As innovative and fascinating as your own business idea may seem – it is not said that it is the only one of its kind. Especially those who set up their startup online and can soon be discovered worldwide with their concept will find imitators or will be considered as such themselves. In addition to a clever idea, a basic plan and a real vision are therefore decisive for the success of a company. It should be critically questioned whether the own idea is actually sufficient for a startup and whether the implementation is possible with personal and financial means.

Those who answer these questions in the affirmative and are willing to put their heart and soul into their project will take the first valuable step towards implementing the start-up. An idea does not develop on its own, rather it needs to be regularly refined and a look taken at its actual success. The development of an entrepreneurial spirit means modifying the idea again and again and adapting it to the current market situation so that the start-up becomes a flourishing business.

Carry out an analysis for potential customers in good time

No matter how ingenious or clever a product may be – if the target group for the product is too small, the start-up will not be able to flourish economically. Those who are 100% convinced of the business idea and do not carry out any market analysis will, in the worst case, invest a lot of money in their project and hardly win any customers for it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to inquire about the demand for one’s own products or services and let the business develop slowly on this basis.

The Internet provides a valuable entry aid for this analysis. It is easy to determine whether there are comparable shops or service providers in Switzerland or whether there is a frequent search for a corresponding offer on job exchanges or platforms. If the starting capital is somewhat higher, a professional advertising or marketing agency can also be commissioned with such an analysis. This step is all the more recommended if initial successes have already been recorded with the start-up and tips are desired for the future orientation and focus of the entrepreneurial activity.

Sales and development costs in agreement bring

The development of products is cost-intensive depending upon industry and kind. Until the first article of its kind is sold, extensive investments have to be made, for which there is no guarantee of a return in the worst case scenario. This makes it all the more important to take care of potential sales at an early stage and follow up an analysis of the market with a direct request for interest. In extreme cases, this means presenting an unfinished product to companies or private customers and thereby arousing interest in a purchase.

Once a customer has developed an interest in his own product or service, he will hardly be deterred by a lack of market maturity. Of course the startup should not be completely in its infancy. Progress in development and a rough deadline for the completion of the development phases should be visible. In the ideal case, the potential customer agrees to a pre-order of the article or even makes an advance payment with which the development of the product can be advanced even faster.

Traditional and new approaches to project financing

Money is an essential factor for a founder. Depending on the ambition and nature of the project, immense pre-financing is necessary. As much as debt financing is an option, a successful start-up will hardly be possible without a certain amount of equity capital. Such an investment even has a positive advertising effect if potential customers realize that they are absolutely convinced of their business idea and invest their own capital on a larger scale.

One of the newer forms of financing is crowdfunding, which is attractive for founders in all sectors irrespective of their creditworthiness. Interested parties can make a part of their own project financing in any amount online. The payment term is determined by the founder in the apron. If the own idea is convincing and represents an attractive product, many private or business investors can be found faster than thought. So that their investment pays off, advantages should be assured such as e.g. a preferential price in relation to the later selling price on the free market.

Working with the right people

Only very few ideas of a start-up can be implemented by one person. Even if he starts out as a sole proprietor and his idea has a certain success, he will soon no longer be able to handle orders and inquiries on his own. The hiring of employees or the loose cooperation with partners becomes necessary, whereby the selection of the team plays an essential role in a startup.

When looking at successful start-ups in Switzerland and throughout Europe, the high proportion of close personal ties between the people involved is noticeable. For example, the start-up was carried out as a team after studying together. Frequently, friends or family members are also directly involved in the start-up. This has nothing to do with the founder’s inability to find qualified personnel for the various tasks of his company. Instead, preference is given to working with people who are absolutely trustworthy and who have the proverbial chemistry.

Of course, this should not exclude cooperation with external specialists or entrepreneurs. The cooperation often leads to new contacts, which have a positive effect on both sides. For the active and daily collaboration at the startup, however, people are needed who identify 100% with the matter and do not simply quit their job in their own company for a minimally more lucrative offer. A certain sense of people is indispensable to find these people and to promote the success of the start-up on a personal level.